Extraordinary fantasy & about death in our lives

About Film Project

This project seeks to promote a kind of trade action industry that bloomed in the 60’s in Latin america, where the wrestlers played an important role in building heroes legends not far from actual Marvel characters but with different approaching.

“MUERTE NEGRA” (Mexican Death Wrestler) project is a new proposal in the action genre but especially science fiction, using the figure of LA CATRINA through Mexican cosmology to address the figure of death in the modern era. Inspired in a popular and charismatic wrestler, better known as BLACK DEATH (Authentic Parka), even in superstars history of WWE (http://www.wwe.com/superstars/la-parka), make a reflection on the role of death in our lives and how we face personally to make way for a different proposal our own searches. What is new about this setting, is the figure of the antihero, as El Santo, Blue Demon, John Cena, etc and other wrestling figures represent good, however, BLACK DEATH is the character who “does the dirty work of death” under the rules of fate, that far from being a cliché, alluding to the Persian mythology: human evil in their daily actions. This will arouse the ambition of evil men to fully privatize the country and become multi billionaires at the expense of social chaos as the only fear of criminal minds is the end of the road. And it refers to the reality of the economic model established by the political and business sectors which we live.
“BLACK DEATH” is a parallel project to marvel Hollywood kind, with a dark touch but a deeply human story, where fears of heroes are like fears in relationships between parents and children. In a fantastic backdrop blend of Persian demons in conflict with the hilarious Mexican Catrina questioning our actions in life. The battle on screen is a principal part of this genre, where our particular martial seal; wrestling, will be the main weapon of the hilarious hero in this fantastic mix of spiritual characters with reality through a narrative of modern cinema, where industry and commercial camera techniques will be used like “Back Parallax”, “Converge”, etc, and where the sequences will be with spectacular visual effects with the high quality Hollywood match. Wrestling, the spectacular fantasy and camera techniques developed by commercial industry, will create an explosive and captivating visual proposal. The niche audience wrestling will be a powerful market position this project through this famous character. Thus, the green screen, the Hollywood VFX quality, advanced fight choreography and camera techniques will make a film project of very high technical quality with a touching story drama, full of adrenaline, reflection and fantasy.


In 1985, the demon SHAITAN with a group of Illuminati, steal the Jewel of the Mobad order in Iran. The guardian priest who die before SHAITAN murders him, watches the future in sacred fire and warns him that will perish at the hands of “the one that adorns the mantle of death.”

“BLACK DEATH” (THE REAPER) becoming an agent of death after losing his ancient mask that night, taking on the identity of the fighter known as MUERTE NEGRA name but only with a promise to meet his late wife at the end of their path. 25 years later, the son of BLACK DEATH, MANUEL, insists on being an outstanding wrestler like his father, but RAFAEL tries to persuade him not to go the way of wrestling and pursue the career that could pay him, he remembers to his son that in his own childhood grew up with no opportunity but he is an already lawyer but MANUEL is annoyed at his father’s concern because anyway he wants to be the successor of his talented father’s life. While BLACK DEATH makes the work of death with people of good spirit and with criminals, MANUEL very in love with a young refugee from Syria, FATIMA struggle for constant conflict by declaring his love for what he looks for the right time to declare his love for her. SHAITAN meets with the Illuminati in Mexico and prepares them for the ritual of the four moons of blood, where through the eclipse and the Jewel of the Mobad need the blood of a descendant Mobad to take the spiritual, political and social control. An archaeological temple in Mexico is the only place in the energy portal to release the evil in the minds of all mankind, where the Illuminati plan through the power of Shaitan and his instructions to control the entire political and business class in the country to privatize all social services. When BLACK DEATH visit to ANGELA, a little girl with cancer, RAFAEL questions his role and refuses to fulfill his task until death tells the balance and destiny must fulfill its natural role in the world but he questioned the justice behind it, so he offers his own life in exchange for ANGELA´s, so that the he ends up dying, but the wrong resentments of MANUEL will not let him go into the light.
When MANUEL knows of the death of his father, charged with guilt to go becoming aware of the warnings of him, that’s when LA CATRINA recruits him equally than his father and takes the role of him as the new PARKA. Illuminati and SHAITAN made a demonic ritual to possess the souls of many thugs to kidnap FATIMA, the loved of MANUEL, but with the power of BLACK DEATH and with the help in the spiritual realm of his father, MANUEL and RAFAEL defeat them, putting on alert ANGELA dreams where she is horrified to see fragments SHAITAN plans and communicates with the spirit of RAFAEL. Seeing the power of BLACK DEATH wrestlers, the Illuminati select the most malevolent fighters to perform the same ritual but now with GENERAL DEMONS, so in another confrontation FATIMA is captured and BLACK DEATH father and son are defeated. MANUEL asks La Catrina help to rescue his fiancée, who initially refuses but she sense the danger about ILLUMINATIS plan and accompanies to THE SON OF BLACK DEATH to face SHAITAN, who through Jewel Mobad freezes CATRINA revealing its true objective to generate social chaos where evil minds lose the fear of temporal death. MANUEL finally forgives himself, also fighting with his father in the astral plane manages to rescue the CATRINA and defeat SHAITAN. MANUEL also rescues FÁTIMA and finally declares his love but she kisses him. At last RAFAEL sees the light and embraces MANUEL spiritually, who thank to RAFAEL the given love as Father. This, because CATRINA shows duty to MANUEL in a cemetery where he says goodbye movingly of RAFAEL who meets with his wife in the afterlife.


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